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Director of Finance

Valley Church, West Des Moines, Iowa

Looking for spiritually devoted and highly qualified applicants with expertise in accounting, tax reporting and financial projections.

Ministry description

The director and finance and human resources will joyfully uphold financial stewardship and precision within the fast-paced, creative environment of Valley Church. We’re looking for spiritually devoted and highly qualified applicants with expertise in accounting, HR administration, tax reporting and financial projections to help us advance the church’s mission.

Status: Full-time (usually 45-50 hours per week), Exempt

Schedule: Generally, weekday office hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm)

ROLE: The Director of Finance is…

  • Accounting Professional: Developed mastery of accounting through education, skill, and experience. Can prepare financial statements and reports with ease. (CPA preferred).
  • Business Analyst: Able to dissect data and pull out big picture trends to resource the leadership team in making decisions.
  • Data Storyteller: Can clearly interpret and articulate the picture the financials are painting to non-accountants – making the numbers come alive.
  • Financial Controller: Excels at all accounting functions and tasks to maintain detailed and accurate records. Recommends and implements best practices to ensure financial control and the integrity of financial reporting.
  • Trust Builder: Inspires trust with employees and leadership team through interpersonal tact, professional competencies, and alignment with the mission.
  • Detail Freak: Extremely precise and detail oriented. Capable of pouring over data with a fine-tooth comb to make sure important details are not missed.
  • Systems Innovator: Identifies ways of leveraging technology to improve our existing finance systems and processes. Works with Bank and other relevant vendors to ensure execution of daily operations.
  • Team Builder: Maximizes the potential of our current financial support staff (FT Contributions Coordinator and PT Accounts Payable Clerk) and develops future staff and volunteers to meet the needs of the ministry.
  • Task Juggler: Able to juggle and prioritize multiple duties and responsibilities. Efficiently manages time and details to meet deadlines and stay current on projects.
  • Problem Solver: Applies creativity to look for multiple options and solutions to problems. Continually on the lookout for how to improve and simplify systems.

PERSONALLY: The Director of Finance is . . .

  • Christ Centered: Personally-committed to Christ and maintains an ongoing vibrant walk in Christ. Exhibits the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control).
  • Adaptable: Gracefully handles change and the unexpected. Able to adjust and adapt to new and/or changing situations and circumstances.
  • Positive: Consistent positive and upbeat demeanor and personality. Glass “half-full” person. Strives to support our staff with a cheerful and helpful spirit.
  • Co-laborer: Comes alongside senior and core leaders to help them achieve the mission-aligned goals of our church.
  • Conflict resolver: Able to work through interpersonal conflicts, ministry misalignment, or issues of sin. True peacemaker.
  • Healthy at home: No concerns related to spiritual or emotional health issues within his or her family.
  • Time manager: Does not require external systems to prioritize; is intrinsically motivated.
  • Flexible: Understands the complexity of working with a variety of staff and perspectives, and collaboratively works with patience and flexibility.
  • Person of extreme integrity: At the core, he or she makes solid decisions based on deeply-held, biblical values.
  • Self-aware individual: Knows where he or she is weak; finds others to fill in those gaps. Emotionally intelligent and healthy

JOB: The Director of Finance. . .

  • Manages Accounting Responsibilities: Works alongside staff to maintain accurate financial records. Balances and reconciles all accounts monthly and provides associated financial summaries in a monthly dashboard.
  • Prepares Reports: Analyzes financial results for creation and presentation of Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual financial reports.
  • Creates Budgets: Works alongside senior staff to prepare and communicate the annual Ministry Support Plan.
  • Forecasts Results: Works with leaders on financial projections - giving them the best information possible to plan expenses.
  • Non-profit Fluency: Stays current on nonprofit tax and audit best practices; and ensures legal and regulatory compliance for all financial functions.
  • Lead Interactions with External Accounting Firm: Establishes and maintains financial controls to safeguard resources and maintain readiness for independent agreed upon procedures with external accounting firm.
  • Connects: Attends the all-staff meeting at the main campus each week.
  • Communicates: Keeps his or her supervisor aware of the successes and struggles taking place by proactively and consistently sharing stories and reports.

Relationships of the Director of Finance include…

  • Serves: on the Catalyst strategy circle and Leader Update Team.
  • Reports: to the Director of Operations.
  • Supports: First, the core leaders and then, the entire staff – joyfully and relationally.
  • Leads: the Finance Team consisting of a full-time Contributions Coordinator, part-time Accounts Payable Clerk, and part-time database administrator.

Success of the Director of Finance is defined by…

  • Financial Integrity: Maintaining the highest standards of financial stewardship and integrity.
  • Leadership Awareness: Leaders have a complete understanding and awareness of the financial picture.
  • Operational Ease: The financial operations of the church run smoothly without interruption.
  • Staff is Supported: The church staff feel setup for success and better prepared for ministry.
  • Smile of God: Ultimately, that our character and efforts bring glory and joy to our Father.

Compensation: Full-time, salaried. Commensurate depending upon the individual’s background and experience. Willing to consider applicants with a wide range of years of experience with an emphasis placed on certifications such as a CPA or equivalent experience to demonstrate knowledge base. Competitive benefits include group health insurance, paid vacation time, etc.

To apply

Applicants should send resume and cover letter to Brooke Hodnefield, Slingshot Group.

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