Employment (Churches)

Director of Discipleship

Solano Community Church, El Cerrito, California

Part-time role to lead, organize and administer discipleship ministries.

Ministry description

Solano Community Church is looking for a director of discipleship! She must be a committed disciple of Jesus Christ and be in complete agreement with our statement of faith. The director of discipleship partners with the associate pastor for discipleship in leading, organizing and administering the discipleship ministries of Solano Community Church.


  • Give testimony and life witness of spiritual gifts relevant to teaching, shepherding and leading
  • Have appropriate and adequate education in areas of study relevant to the ministry responsibilities
  • Have significant experience making disciples and leading others to do so
  • Have sound knowledge of Scripture and ability to effectively apply scriptural principles in ministry
  • Be a mature, healthy and growing Christian with an exemplary personal, marital and family life (where applicable)
  • Be committed to developing a team approach to ministry
  • Be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of Solano Community Church


  • Model Christ-likeness
    • Prioritize shepherding the family
    • Live a life of worship, discipleship, evangelism and serving
  • Oversee and equip others to lead the Discipleship Pathway ministries
    • Get connected: Welcome Lunch, membership class, connecting events
    • Get grounded: Gospel Academy
    • Get healthy: Gospel Academy, counseling intake, short-term counseling
    • Get strong: Ministry Academy, leader training, intern training
    • Get going: Exploring Christianity, Agape Teams, global missions
  • Shepherd the congregation
    • Participate in the preaching and teaching ministry of the church
    • Participate in the discipleship of Home Group leaders
    • Meet with congregants for assimilation, coaching and counseling as needed
    • Carry out additional as-needed tasks under the direction of the associate pastor

How to apply

To apply, please send your resumé and any questions you may have to Pastor Andrew Hoffman at info@solanochurch.org.

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