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Church Planter

Talcottville Congregational Church (EFCA), Vernon, Connecticut

Seeking a self-starter who has a love for people and a passion for the lost.

Ministry description

Talcottville Congregational Church is seeking a church planter who has a love for people and a passion for the lost.

Salary is commensurate with qualification and experience.

It is our hope that the success of this church planting effort would possibly lead to the church planter becoming the pastor of Talcottville Congregational Church.

Our current vision and goal

Vision: To glorify God by becoming faithful followers of Jesus Christ and to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Goal: To offer Bible-based worship services; age-appropriate Christian education (Sunday School); children and youth ministries; corporate times for prayer, fellowship, and outreach; missionary support and service; opportunities for service in our community.

However, for purposes of calling a church planter, the following more specifically focuses our goals:

  • As to Vision, the truth is that we are an aging congregation who prefers very traditional approaches to church services that are not necessarily attractive to younger people and families with children. We seek a dynamic person who can attract younger people, while developing more contemporary approaches that appeal to them. We envision two services, retaining the traditional that appeals to our current members while developing a more contemporary Bible-based approach for younger people.
  • As to need, only about 50 people of the population of Connecticut identifies with any religion, and only about 12-15% identify with a Protestant religion. Talcottville is near the Vernon/Manchester town line, with respective populations of 29,000/57,000, so there is plenty of potential.


On December 13, 1866, members of the Center Congregational Church in the Town of Vernon, Connecticut, successfully petitioned to be dismissed from that church in order to form a new church in the village of Talcottville, also located in Vernon. The first church service was held on December 2, 1866. The original Talcottville Congregational Church building was completed on March 12, 1867; it was subsequently destroyed by fire in 1906 and was replaced by the current church building at the same location. The current building was dedicated on June 24, 1913.

Talcottville Congregational Church was incorporated in the state of Connecticut on March 15, 1894, via a handwritten one-page "Certificate of Organization.”

Throughout its history the Talcottville Congregational Church aka “TCC” has functioned, still functions, and will continue to function as a Bible-based religious education and worship organization, supporting prayer, fellowship and outreach. We are solely a religious organization, as exemplified by our "Statement of Faith" included in our constitution, bylaws and committees last updated on September 25, 2016.

TCC is a former member of the United Church of Christ aka “UCC” denomination dating back to the 1950s. However, due to dissatisfaction that UCC no longer represents the core beliefs and religious values that TCC has held since its founding in 1966, as well as UCC’s extensive political advocacy, on December 31, 2013, TCC withdrew from UCC, terminating its affiliation and/or membership in that organization.

TCC is now an independent church and, while congregational in governance, TCC is no longer a member of any religious denomination. On June 12, 2016, TCC voted to affiliate with the Evangelical Free Church of America, which is not a denomination but rather an association of nearly 1,500 autonomous churches committed to cooperate with one another in ministry and fellowship free from any central controlling body. EFCA members are united around the same theological convictions; TCC subscribes to the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Our church leaders include the pastor and Christian education director, who conduct religious services and provide religious education to adults and youths on Sundays, as well as special occasions at the church building located in Talcottville. Our pastor also provides off-site religious services, e.g., to those unable to attend church service due to illness or disability. The leaders, along with lay members, further our religious purpose as an evangelical, Bible-based church. One-hundred percent of our activities are devoted to religious services and education. We do not participate in any political advocacy.


  • The candidate needs to be a self-starter who has training in church planting and/or experience or is willing to participate in training and coaching.
  • He should have theological training—preferably an M. Div. degree. He should have a deep personal faith and an active devotional life.
  • He must be in agreement with our statement of faith and be willing to seek credentials with the EFCA. The candidate will meet regularly with a TCC committee for guidance and encouragement.

How to apply

Please send resume and references to:

Wayne Hansen at hansen_wayne_s@sbcglobal.net
Talcottville Congregational Church

10 Elm Hill Road
Vernon, CT 06066

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