Employment (Churches)

Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults

Grace Community Church, Herndon, Pennsylvania

Give oversight to student ministries impacting middle through high school students and young adult ministries.

Ministry description

Grace Community Church is seeking an individual who will hold the position of associate pastor of student and young adult ministries. This candidate will be responsible for direct oversight of the student ministry as well as oversight of the young adult ministry.


  • Be in accordance with the qualification of leadership and servanthood as directed in 1 Tim 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9
  • Achieved the proper educational instruction/and or experience, in order to successfully and faithfully fulfill the responsibilities of this position.
  • Expected to work closely with the other staff members of Grace Community Church in order to foster a spirit of unity and peace.
  • Be in agreement with the statement of faith of Grace Community Church and be willing to abide by the church's constitution.


Student ministry (7th -12th grade)

Develop and maintain a middle school and high school ministry by:

  • Planning and overseeing regular fellowship and evangelistic events for youth; training and developing students for Christian Service.
  • Counseling with students and parents as needed.
  • Researching and recommending camps, missions trips and other special ministry/growth opportunities appropriate for the students of this church.
  • Recruiting, training and overseeing adult volunteers to help carry out student ministry objectives.
  • Developing relationships with the students of this church and their parents.
  • Performing background checks on all individuals who desire to be a part of the student ministry.
  • Interacting and working with the Sunday School Superintendents.

Young adult ministry (college-aged and 20s)

  • Create and lead ministry programs that resonate with young adults and facilitate spiritual growth as disciples of Jesus.
  • Oversee the leadership, development, promotion and organization of young adult ministry.
  • Recruit, equip and deploy volunteers in a manner that fosters spiritual growth in their lives and the lives of the people they serve.

How to apply

If you believe this position is what the Lord is calling you to, please send a copy of your resume to Pastor Doug Weygand. You may also feel free to call the church at 570-758-6214.

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