Employment (Churches)

Associate Pastor (Middle School)

Christ Community Church, Olathe, Kansas

Give leadership middle school ministries, while working as a member of the broader pastoral team.

Ministry description

The associate pastor, emphasis in student ministries, leads and gives overall direction for middle school ministries, working as a member of the broader pastoral team to further the overall mission of Christ Community to multiply churches, leaders and disciples.


  • Possess and model integrity of heart and skillful hands
  • Embrace Christ Community’s doctrine, mission and philosophy
  • Minimum of four-year degree (youth ministry related degree preferred)
  • Student ministry experience (five years preferred)
  • Highly relational personality in both one-on-one and large group contexts
  • Strong desire to multiply the work of the ministry in and through an adult volunteer team
  • Theological depth that can be translated to age-appropriate audiences
  • Desire to minister to the whole church and the whole family, not just students
  • Desire to help church leadership bring the congregation together intergenerationally as appropriate
  • Well-rounded personal skillset, which also includes the administrative and organizational components of a successful ministry team
  • Flexibility and enthusiasm needed to be a part of a developing multi-site and intergenerational church context


  • Provide oversight and leadership to all aspects of the campus student ministries
  • Teach the Bible with clarity, creativity and conviction in both large and small group contexts
  • Shepherd students to actively engage in their faith journey
  • Create, develop and implement programs, events and opportunities for students that are age-appropriate, and, in some cases, offer intergenerational opportunities
  • Create an atmosphere and ethos for the ministry that is contagious, infectious and leads to opportunities for both discipleship and spiritual formation
  • Recruit, lead, train and develop volunteer staff for relational middle school ministry
  • Communicate and maintain healthy connections with students, parents and volunteers
  • Encourage and equip parents as the primary resource for students

As a member of the Christ Community campus team:

  • Provide pastoral duties as needed; this includes, but is not limited to: pre-marriage counseling, officiating weddings, general counseling, funeral planning and officiating, hospital visitation, baptism, prayer, and other pastoral needs as they arise
  • Support and promote the mission, constitution and bylaws of Christ Community
  • Hold true to the theology and beliefs outlined in the EFCA Statement of Faith
  • Participate in staff prayer and planning meetings
  • Be accountable in the use of time and diligent in carrying out established administrative processes
  • Be accountable to the financial parameters established in the annual budget process
  • Seek, over time, licensing (credentialing) with the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • Successfully complete the leadership training program of the church (Razor’s Edge)
  • Be actively involved in a community group for the purpose of personal spiritual growth and accountability

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