Employment (Churches)

Associate Pastor of Families and Worship

Swan Lake Evangelical Free Church, Cottonwood, Minnesota

Shepherd students and their families while providing pastoral leadership to worship ministries.

Ministry description

The associate pastor of families and worship will shepherd students and their families while providing pastoral leadership to our corporate worship ministries. By virtue of their training, qualifications and call to ministry, the associate pastor of families and worship will contribute appreciably to the insight and vision of the senior pastor and elder board, as well as represent the church at large in the various communities we serve.

The associate pastor can expect that:

  • He will spend the majority of his time in student and family ministry discipleship efforts and the remainder planning and leading music for corporate worship. This balance will in large part be contingent upon the applicant’s skillset, gift mix, and passions.
  • The senior pastor and the elders will want to invest in his maturity and pastoral development as well. By this we mean that we will provide regular mentoring and preaching opportunities, timely constructive feedback, and encouragement so he can continue growing (1 Tim 2:2).


He will be responsible to:


  • Champion and lead discipleship efforts for preschool through graduation (programs, mission trips, camps, retreats, special events, etc., consistent with philosophy of family ministry)
  • Teach in various settings: youth group, small groups, and discipling/training other teachers
  • Lead, disciple, coach, train and empower members of the student ministry (grades 7-12) and children’s ministry (preschool–sixth grade) teams
  • Continue refining our vision for and pursuit of family discipleship, ensuring that we are doing everything we can to equip all of our families to be the primary disciplers of their kids
  • Effectively organize, lead, equip and empower various ministry teams so that we can multiply our disciplemaking effectiveness (Eph 4:11–16)

Worship/music ministry:

  • Oversee weekly and special worship services in cooperation with the senior pastor, elders, and/or worship ministry team. These services will be gospel-centered, Christ-exalting and doctrinally sound
  • Value congregational participation over artistic performance
  • Embrace the great hymns of the faith and worship songs of the present
  • Incorporate prayer, Scripture reading, and move through the storyline of the gospel
  • Oversee worship practices/rehearsals to help team members grow in their understanding of biblical worship and develop their ability to serve with excellence
  • Develop and implement a process for interviewing, auditioning, and admitting new members to the worship team(s) and a long view of influencing their lives
  • Lead, disciple, recruit, coach and empower members of the worship and audio visual teams

General pastoral

  • Pastoral duties, as fits the needs of Swan Lake and the gifting and experience of this pastor (preaching, teaching, funerals, weddings, counseling, etc.)
  • Demonstrate proactive leadership that reflects the mission, vision, and needs of Swan Lake
  • Provide assistance in planning and execution of weekly programming, special activities, or annual church-wide ministry events or initiatives
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings, monthly elder meetings, and other meetings as necessary
  • Other duties as assigned by senior pastor or elders


  • A man who is a mature, growing disciple of Jesus Christ, and who clearly meets the biblical qualifications for an elder found in 1 Tim 3 and Titus 1 (i.e., is truly called, clearly manifests godly character, and demonstrates the necessary capacity to serve as an elder).
  • A man who is committed to the Bible as his sole authority for doctrine and everyday life.
  • A man who is not only a sound exegete, effective teacher and gifted worship leader; but also, a man who is passionate about actively discipling, empowering and equipping believers for service in the church (Eph 4:11–12).
  • A man who is a proven team player, proactive peacemaker, humble, has a teachable spirit and is a motivated self-starter.
  • A man who is able to connect with a broad range of individuals, students, and families with a passionate burden for ministry to shepherd the church.
  • A man who knows, wholeheartedly embraces and upholds the distinctives and doctrine of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) and the mission and vision of Swan Lake (SLEFC).
  • A man who maintains a proper balance between ministry and family life.

The ideal applicant has (though not necessary):

  • Completed a Bachelor’s degree in Bible, ministry, theology or worship (seminary a plus)
  • Demonstrated ability to faithfully exegete, teach and apply God’s Word in youth settings
  • Heart and passion to relationally pursue and disciple students with the gospel as a shepherd
  • Demonstrated he is able to effectively lead a music team and able to lead a congregation in corporate worship with non-distracting excellence
  • Ability to read and transpose chord charts; proficiency in written music and theory preferred
  • Ability to develop music team, teaching basic music skills and/or connecting them to external resources (videos, articles, websites)
  • Has technological experience with ProPresenter, Planning Center and Igniter Media (or similar)
  • Is willing to pursue licensing and/or ordination in the EFCA in a timely manner


He has previous ministry experience in a local church, preferably in a youth/family role and/or worship ministry role. Has worked in unity with church elders/pastors, and honors their spiritual leadership, counsel and accountability. He has demonstrated he is able to envision ministry opportunities, strategically plan and organize for implementation, and ultimately execute his plans.

Expectations and compensation

  • Hours per week: Approximately 45
  • Compensation: commensurate with experience; total package range: $40-50,000/year
  • We are hoping to have the position filled by Fall 2020.

Reports to: senior pastor

Works closely with: senior pastor, elders, deacons, lay leaders, ministry teams, and congregation.

How to apply

To apply, submit the following documents in PDF format to office@swanlakechurch.org no later than July 10.

  1. A cover letter for this position
  2. Your resume
  3. A current picture of (1) you, and (2) you and your family (if married)
  4. Social media links
  5. Your philosophy of ministry, to include family ministry (1-5 pages)
  6. Your philosophy of worship and music ministry (1-5 pages)
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