Employment (Churches)

Associate Pastor

Crossroads Church, Albert Lea, Minnesota

Ministry description

Seeking Dynamite Pastor:

Crossroads Church is booming with energy, excitement and people streaming through our doors. We place significant focus on family ministries, passing on our faith to the next generation. It is our desire to reach both believers and non-believers. Our church is committed to being culturally relevant as we share biblical truth. We are not an ordinary “smaller town” church. On average, our weekly attendance is over 600, as we are looking to reach 1,000 people every week. The next associate pastor at Crossroads will help our congregation grow deep and reach more people. Small groups are an important part of our discipleship strategy. We are seeking a pastor who will lead, grow and develop our small group ministry and small group leaders. The second main function of the position would be to assimilate people into our church, moving them from outsiders to insiders who attend, join a small group and contribute (time, talent, treasure).

Our staff team is amazing, and we are looking to add another teammate who can help us continue to take our ministry to the next level. Our church is situated in Albert Lea, Minnesota, a smaller town of about 18,000 people, just about one hour from the Twin Cities, Rochester and Mankato. Albert Lea is a beautiful town to raise a family. Known as “The Land Between the Lakes,” our city is surrounded by two large lakes great for recreation and fishing. I invite you to come see the work God is doing in our city and beyond.

Time commitments: This is a full-time, salaried position requiring 45-50 hours per week, with the salary and benefits set by the Church Board.

Working relationships

  • The associate pastor is called to his position by a vote of the membership and is accountable to the senior pastor.
  • The associate pastor maintains a close, supportive, working relationship with the senior pastor.
  • The associate pastor is responsible to resource and supervise all direct-report ministry leaders.


Serve as a pastor to the church

  • Demonstrate ownership for and effectiveness in communicating and fulfilling the church’s vision, mission, focus, culture, statement of faith and doctrinal distinctives
  • Serve as a member of the pastoral staff, providing spiritual guidance to the congregation by participating in weddings, funerals, counseling, hospital visitation, teaching and preaching as directed by the senior pastor
  • Lead the congregation through modeling to participate in Sunday worship, to take the next step in discipleship and to cultivate a lifestyle of service
  • Provide pastoral leadership in the absence of the senior pastor at his request and fulfill necessary responsibilities associated with the senior pastor

Collaborate with the senior pastor and staff

  • Participate in all staff gatherings and supervisory meetings
  • Provide pastoral care and staff development for direct reports and insure alignment of their initiatives with the mission and vision of the church
  • Work with the senior pastor in strategic planning that leads to the ongoing development and fulfillment of the church’s mission, vision and goals

Serve as the leader of adult discipleship

  • Oversee, develop and grow the adult small group ministry
  • Provide ongoing training for small group leaders to learn how to help their small group members grow spiritually, care for others, serve, shepherd their group members and multiply their group
  • Establish and maintain a strategy to assimilate people into the congregation, moving individuals from outsiders to insiders who attend, join a small group and contribute (time, talent, treasure)


  • Personal faith in Jesus Christ and an authentic life style consistent with that faith
  • Personal sense of calling to the position of associate pastor
  • Agreement with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) Statement of Faith
  • Education and experience consistent with or complimentary to the job description
  • Verifiable spiritual gifts and skills in administration, collaborative leadership, teaching, strategic thinking and team building


  • Willingness to work hard and the discipline to rest, reflect and renew
  • Willingness to be accountable and transparent within the established organizational structure and to delegate ministry responsibilities to qualified individuals in order to maximize ministry impact
  • Ability to work well with other staff and volunteer team members in a collaborative environment characterized by a loving, submissive and teachable attitude toward one another
  • Theology and personal convictions compatible with the existing church leadership
  • Commitment to ongoing personal, professional and spiritual development
  • Commitment to regular worship attendance and participation in churchwide activities
  • Commitment to membership and participation in Crossroads Church with time, talent and treasure

How to apply

Email resume and cover letter to jeff@crossroadschurchmn.com.

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