Employment (Churches)

Assistant Pastor / Director of Children’s Ministry

Faith Church, Milford, Ohio

Give spiritual and organizational leadership to children’s and family ministries.

Ministry description

To give spiritual and organizational leadership to Faith Church’s children’s and family ministries, in partnership with the pastors and elders.


  • A Bible degree from an accredited Bible college or seminary is preferred
  • Demonstrated children’s ministry leadership experience in a local church is desirable
  • Experience recruiting, managing and leading teams of volunteers
  • Strong organizational, management and communication skills
  • (If a pastor) Qualifications for an elder as found in Scripture

Gifts and strengths desired

  • Strong people skills
  • Administrative and organizational Leadership
  • Equipping and training ability
  • Ability to empower others
  • Servant Heart and flexible
  • Compassionate

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Partner with our pastors and elders to creatively build a disciplemaking culture within the children’s and family ministry spheres.
  • Partner with pastors and elders to implement a “family ministries” model to discipling the next generation.
    • Support parents as the primary disciplemakers
    • Create training opportunities that will support parents and adult volunteers
  • Provide for the spiritual development of our children.
    • Choose biblical curriculum that instructs and motivates
    • Recruit, train and invest in volunteer teachers
    • Create an environment of trust with parents
  • Be involved in personal disciplemaking, inside and outside Faith Church.
  • Manage, supervise and conduct performance reviews for direct reports.
  • Demonstrate proactive leadership that reflects the mission, objectives, core values and the needs of Faith Church.
  • (If a pastor) General pastoral duties, as fits the needs of Faith and the gifting and experience of this pastor (preaching, funerals, weddings, counseling, etc.)

How to apply

After prayerful consideration, please submit the following application materials via email to apsearch@faithchurch.net:

  • Cover letter: introducing yourself and your interest in the position.
  • Resume: your ministry experience, educational background and at least five references.
  • Doctrinal Statement: one to two page summary of your core doctrinal beliefs in your own words, and/or provide two to three links of existing theological statements of faith that you affirm.
  • Philosophy of family ministry: one to two page summary of your approach to family ministries.
  • Testimony: one page narrative of your salvation testimony.
  • Two Ministry Samples: two samples of teaching/training you have offered at a local church (recording preferred, but written document is okay).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

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