Midwest Spring Flood Response


EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response is uniquely positioned to bring the hope of Christ to those impacted by the Midwest spring floods.


Crisis Response – Midwest Spring Flooding Response

"We’ve never seen anything like this. The flood waters are three feet higher than any previous record. Levees have failed. Farmers have lost two years of crops. We’re helping to feed over a hundred people who have been cut off from getting across the river.” Pastor Don (Calvary Community EFC - Nebraska City, NE)


A flooded farm family trying to save furnishings.

A flooded farm family trying to save furnishings.


Record floods have inundated Nebraska and parts of Iowa—impacting families, farms and livelihoods. Fields are underwater, livestock have been killed, infrastructure has been destroyed. ReachGlobal Crisis Response, alongside local Evangelical Free Churches, is providing real help and sharing the love of Christ to these communities in this time of need.

Damage from the flood waters is expected to remain in some areas into May, making the long-term effects unknown for many families, farmers and entire communities—adding uncertainty, emotional and relational stress and trauma on top of the physical effects.


While the opportunities for teams to serve in the Midwest are limited, the primary response need is to raise funds.


Local EFCA churches want to stay focused on mobilizing their local church members for local outreach, and finances are the main way for others to help. The cost of the damage has surpassed $1.3 billion, according to Nebraska state officials. This includes $449 million in infrastructure damage, $440 million in crop losses and $400 million in cattle losses.

Based on Crisis Response's experience with such a major event, ministry outreach opportunities for churches in the Midwest will last for years. Join us in sharing the love of Christ with those in need through financial support.

Email respond@efca.org to learn more about these opportunities.


  • For the emotional and physical trauma these floods are inflicting now and the long-term impacts the region will be facing for years.
  • For local churches in the impacted areas to see the mission field created in the wake of this crisis.
  • For wisdom for our EFCA pastors shepherding in a new "normal" and for God’s leading and plan for this response.
  • For long-term staff and volunteers who can commit to serving in this mission field.

Or send a check with 2019 Spring Floods — 3390 SP in the memo line to:

Attn: Donor Services
901 E. 78th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55420

Gifts in kind

Gift cards to Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes are always helpful. They allow impacted families the dignity of getting the things they really need.