Hurricane Florence Response


As coastal communities in North and South Carolina begin to rebuild and recover in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response has mobilized teams to help churches and communities in the affected areas.

Download and print bulletin inserts.


“This is the worst I’ve ever seen,” said Pastor Donnie, one of our local church partners, as he reviewed the damage in Florence’s aftermath. “Our community is devastated.”

More than 250,000 homes in small North Carolina towns alone have been lost to Hurricane Florence. While giving thanks to God that the hurricane was not as devastating as some predicted, the Crisis Response team seeks to raise $250,000 — in light of those 250,000 homes — to serve our brothers and sisters affected by this storm. With boots on the ground and hearts fixed on Christ, Crisis Response continues to bring the gospel and practical aid to affected communities.

UPDATE: Many homes and families who were affected by Hurricane Florence have now also been impacted by the more recent Hurricane Michael. Roofs tarped in the aftermath of Florence now must be re-tarped in the aftermath of Michael. Damage and physical needs have increased amid this new storm, but so have the number of gospel opportunities.

Crisis Response holds a unique position to help your church respond, but we need your help as well – physically, financially and through prayer. Will you join us?

Here are some practical amounts to prayerfully consider:

  • $75 = Tools and safety gear to outfit a rebuilding team
  • $150 = Repainting a hurricane damaged bedroom
  • $500 = Materials to repair family’s damaged roof
  • $1,500 = Sheetrock and supplies to repair minor hurricane damage
  • $2,500 = A month’s support for an outreach worker
  • $5,000 = Materials for a total roof replacement
  • $20,000 = Complete restoration of a family’s home.

Or send a check with Hurricane Florence - 39697 in the memo line to:

Attn: Donor Services
901 E. 78th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55420

Items not to donate: Clothing, bedding, stuffed animals, or any other gift in kind.


  • For God to be glorified even through the storm. This storm may be the physical storm or the emotional storm that is brewing inside of everyone that is in the impacted areas.
  • For leaders of our churches, as they determine what their congregations and communities need, both short-term and long-term.
  • As ReachGlobal Crisis Response help churches and communities work through the next steps in ministry in the wake of crisis.
  • For gospel impact in the lives of those affected.


Join ReachGlobal Crisis Response in this response. Email to volunteer or to send a team.