The EFCA is an association of local churches, districts, and national and international ministries knit together by a shared Statement of Faith, mission and vision, and funded through voluntary support from churches and individuals. As a part of the EFCA, your church is stronger when the movement is stronger.

Your support allows us to grow and expand the work of the EFCA bringing people to Christ. Each EFCA church is encouraged to contribute just 1% (plus the percentage the local district requests) to strengthen specific national and international ministry projects that help your church, EFCA districts and the broader EFCA movement accomplish kingdom ministry.

FairShare FAQ

Q1: What does FairShare do?

A: Through partnership with churches, FairShare contributions assist in providing the essential ministry support functions of the EFCA national office. Contributions to districts do the same. FairShare is about churches uniting together to accomplish the EFCA’s mission.

FairShare funds are unrestricted, making possible the strengthening of local, regional, national and international ministries of the EFCA. A strengthened EFCA enables the following ministries to the local church

Q2: Why is FairShare set at 1%?

1% contributions

A: Many denominations have mandatory contributions of 5-10%. We believe this can be restrictive and inhibit local church growth. The EFCA set an amount of 1% based on budgeted need. Currently, FairShare contributes 26% of the EFCA national office’s needed revenue. If 100% of churches contributed to FairShare at the full 1%, funding would be sufficient, predictable, and enable a variety of essential resources and services to the local church.

Q3: Does every EFCA church contribute to FairShare?

A: All EFCA churches benefit through district, national, and international ministries. Currently, 64% of EFCA churches voluntarily participate in FairShare.

The preferred future of sufficient and predictable funding is 100% of EFCA churches willingly and gladly supporting the national office with 1% of their annual budget, providing funding for 47% of national office ministry expenses.

Q4: How do local churches benefit?

A: FairShare is not a strict transactional activity in which a church is purchasing services in exchange for their financial support. Key benefits to the local church made possible through local church support include:

Theological integrity

  • Guarding of theological integrity through credentialing
  • Providing biblical and theological resources for understanding and engaging culture
  • Informal theological training

Movement initiatives


  • Church planting training, mentoring and coaching
  • Training in multi-ethnic ministries, biblical diversity, justice initiatives and compassion
  • Resourcing and connecting of pastors and leaders through EFCA One, the Theology Conference, and multiple affinity groups

Global missions

  • Domestic and global crisis response coordination
  • Coaching and training in effective short and long term mission opportunities
  • Connecting the local church to missionary personnel and projects in more than 100 countries
  • Ensuring a healthy international mission strategy and healthy personnel for 550+ staff


  • Consulting services to local churches on mission, vision, governance and effectiveness
  • Conflict resolution services and pastoral restoration ministry
  • Maintaining a 501(c)(3) group tax exemption database with IRS
  • Pastoral placement services

Movement communication

  • Pastoral clusters for encouragement and best practices
  • The EFCA web site for communicating mission and vision, and ministry resources, services and opportunities
  • Publishing of EFCA Today magazine, the EFCA Now blog and the EFCA Update.

Q5: When my church sends a monthly or quarterly check to my district, how much goes to the EFCA national office?

A: Each EFCA district is an independent entity with employees, budgets and needs separate from the national office. Funds received by the district are for the needs of the district. Conversely, funds received by the national office are for the needs of the national office, not the district. It may seem cumbersome, but under our current structure, two checks are necessary.

Q6: When my church supports missionaries are we giving to FairShare?

A: Missionary support is different and separate from FairShare giving. Each missionary must raise their support through donations from churches and individuals. This covers their monthly salary/benefits and ministry expenses. It also covers an allocation for services such as accounting, processing of support, computer hardware and software, and other administrative services provided by the EFCA national office.

Q7: Is FairShare the same as the National Ministries Fund and Global Vision Partners?

A: FairShare is financial support given by churches that strengthens the three ministry divisions at the EFCA national office: ReachGlobal, ReachNational, and Office of the President and the services they provide to local churches and districts. The National Ministries Fund is financial support given by individuals towards the domestic ministries of ReachNational and Office of the President. Global Vision Partners is financial support given by individuals towards the global ministries of ReachGlobal.

Contact Information

(800) 745-2202, extension 434

901 E 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420

Please send national office contributions to this address. District FairShare contributions can be sent to each district office.