Join thousands across the nation on October 7, 2018, in praying to the Lord of the harvest (Matt 9:38) for the making of disciples and planting of churches.


The EFCA Church Multiplication Team is excited to join President Kevin Kompelien in inviting all EFCA churches to come together in prayer for the multiplication of churches on the weekend of October 7, 2018.

Our belief is that the most effective strategy in spreading the gospel is through the planting of new churches as we aim to faithfully obey the call of The Great Commission from Matthew 28:18-20.

Plan now to set aside time in your service for a short video and an announcement with specific national and district prayer requests.

Multiplication in the EFCA

Share these talking points in your service:

Our church is part of a larger association of churches called the Evangelical Free Church of America. The EFCA includes approximately 1,500 congregations with almost 400,000 attenders in the United States. In addition to this there are over 500 missionaries serving in more than 80 countries around the world.

What unites us as a movement is a shared set of theological convictions and the following mission statement: The EFCA exists to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people.

Today we are joining with all other EFCA churches throughout the country for Church Multiplication Sunday, a time set aside to pray for the starting of new churches throughout our nation and world.

Media & Resources

Show the video on October 7 as part of the announcement and prayer time — full version (5:46) or short version (2:02).

This bulletin insert can be used on October 7 in services. It is formatted for a half sheet 8.5x11 insert.

The following sermon outlines can be used if you would like to preach a sermon in line with the topic of church multiplication:

Go Get Help!
Roderick L. Barnes, Sr.
I Will Build My Church!
Greg Strand

Guided Prayer

“Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38)

Lead your congregation in praying to the Lord of the harvest for the multiplication of disciples and churches both locally and around the world.

National prayer requests

Please pray for the Lord to raise up a new generation of leaders who would champion the cause of planting new disciplemaking churches throughout our nation and world.

Pray for the national team of leaders working to develop systems and resources for planting. Pray that those systems and resources would fuel a culture of multiplication that would not only resource new church plants, but create a culture of multiplying disciples and leaders in all churches.

Pray that we would see a growing movement of ethnic and multi-ethnic congregations planted in response to the rapidly changing demographics in our country and out of obedience to our mission to make disciples of every tribe tongue and nation.

Pray for your district

Allegheny District
Pray that we could surface planters in Ohio, Pennsylvania & New York.

Pray we can surface 1-3 churches who can multiply by starting a daughter church.

Pray we can identify and create partnerships to plant churches in rural areas within the district.

Eastern District
Pray for a greater passion for lost people! That we would all never forget “why” it's important to multiply and reach the 42 million people that make up the Eastern District!

Pray for our 5-7 upcoming plants in the EDA -- that God would raise healthy teams around these plants and provide the necessary resources for them to continue the vision of healthy multiplication.

Pray for our new Multiply Team that God would continue to provide clarity in direction, process and opportunities for healthy multiplication.

Pray for the EDA's new partnership with Acts29 -- that we would mutually build upon each other's ministries of identifying, equipping and releasing church planters.

Forest Lakes District
Pray for planting efforts to flourish in our urban and population centers (Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Fox Valley, etc…), that plants and churches would bring the gospel as an answer to the deep racial and cultural divides that exist within our cities.

Pray for planting efforts to flourish in our rural communities (smaller communities near you), that God would help us to identify and raise up planters from within congregations who feel called to the unique challenges of mission in smaller communities.

Pray for planting efforts to flourish among growing ethnic populations (Hispanic, Hmong, Asian, American Indian, etc…).

Great Lakes District
Pray for the launch on October 7 of Christ Church in Sterling, IL, led by Aron Utecht. Christ Church is being sent out by the Evangelical Free Church of Mt. Morris and supported by other EFCA churches. Pray that many people would hear and respond to the Gospel from these efforts.

Pray for the launch on October 7 of Grace Church in Schiller Park, IL, led by Ben Sincock. Pray for the building renovations that are taking place and pray for the Lord to provide those who speak Spanish and Polish to our team as that is a great need of ours to reach all who live in our community.

Pray that the Lord will raise up 36 new churches to plant 36 new churches in the next chapter of the Great Lakes District. Pray that church planters would be identified, equipped, and deployed to reach people with the gospel message.

From the Hispanic Leadership Team: 1. Pray for the replanting project in Wheeling, IL, with the group of Nueva Vida. 2. Pray for Salem EFC in Chicago in the search process to find a pastor-planter that leads the church to reach the Hispanics in Humboldt Park area. 3. Compass EFC Campus Bolingbrook has been offering a Sunday Service in the Spanish language since the beginning of 2018. Pray the Lord continues blessing this initiative to reach the Hispanic community in this neighborhood of Bolingbrook.

Pray for our several multi-site churches in the Great Lakes District. Pray that the Lord will bless their efforts as they reach new people with the gospel. Pray for identification of campus pastors and for the willingness of people to go out on mission together.

Midwest District
Pray that the former church planting zeal by the churches of the Midwest District would return.

Pray that our historic Rosehill Church (near Newman Grove, NE), whose doors have recently closed, would be put to good use by God's lead.

Pray that God would provide for our Hispanic church plants in Hastings, Lexington and Nebraska City, NE; and two in Wichita, KS. Another possible start is in Broken Bow, NE.

New England District
Pray for a renewed focus on urban planting within Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Pray for a Church Residency team to be built within the region which requires a focus of multiple churches within the district working in partnership with a focus on planting.

Pray for our theme this year: "A United Church in a Divided Culture." Praying this leads to a greater emphasis on church planting among all people.

North Central District
Pray for the churches who are sensing God's calling to reach the lost in their area through church planting. Pray for God's clear leading as they develop their church planting plans and that God would raise up the people in these congregations to do the work and go out into the harvest with the new church plant.

Pray for the needed church planters to lead our many new church plants--especially for rural church planters and one rural bi-vocational church planter. Pray for our church planting residencies and our development of a church planting pathway that would include 2nd career pastors.

Pray for our church planting efforts inside the 694/494 beltway of the Twin Cities, Rochester, Duluth and St. Cloud. We need a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural movement to reach these major metropolitan areas.

Northern Plains District
Pray for funds for a district Church Planting Mobilizer.

Pray for a qualified & gifted person to be our district Church Planting Mobilizer.

Pray for wisdom & existing church support/involvement for our next church plant location.

Rocky Mountain District
Pray for eight Church Planting residents for eight churches that are ready to plant.

Pray for Christ the Rock Community Church in Timnath, Colorado, that will be launching this fall. The planter is Chris Stastny.

Pray for Lighthouse EFC in Douglas, Wyoming, that will also be launching this fall. The planter is John Byerly.

Pray for two new Hispanic church plants this year & for Erik Valenzuela as he leads our ethnic church planting effort.

Pray for new church planting teams in all nine southern states who are feeling called to start a new church.

Pray for eight new planting team projects gathering new people in their communities.

Pray for the formation of five new churches to form a district executive planting team.

Pray for new missionary funding for Hugo Concha, our Hispanic Church Planting Director.

Pray for gospel impact in new communities where churches are starting.

We are looking for eight church planting residents for eight different churches who will plan, prepare and plant eight new churches in eight target communities - please pray with us.

Our district’s multiplication initiative, called Multiplying Together, consists of 16 churches who are covenant-bound to plant churches together and keep each other accountable for multiplication on every level – converts, disciples, leaders and churches. Pray for margin, focus and creative strategies to do this well!

Pray for God’s favor on all of our 65 churches and church plants that they will multiply disciples, leaders and churches for His glory.

Please pray for the emotional health of our nine current church planters and their wives.

Please pray for our churches to identify their Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the remotest parts of the earth, and then consider how they might plant a second language congregation on their campus.

Pray for Kent and Danielle Schlect, current church planting residents at Compass Church, who will be moving to Bakersfield, CA, in the Spring of 2019 to launch The Grove.

Pray that God would raise up leaders to plant three new churches in downtown Los Angeles.

Pray for each one of the pastors on our ReachWest team - Matt Larson, Shane Finley, Ray Chang, Dean Mayeda, and Will Medel, that they would be strengthened to continue leading the charge of multiplication in our district.

Pray for Mike Giesenhagen and family in his residency with Ambassador Church in Brea, CA, and determining next steps for planting.

Pray for Byron Jung as he begins a church planting residency in Torrance, CA.

Western District
Cultivate a district-wide passion for multiplication in every city and region we serve.

Pray for the four churches we are hoping to launch in this next year, specifically for Del Paso Heights, Placerville, San Francisco and Dublin, all in California.

Pray for our church multiplication team in the west as we recruit, assess, and train new planters to be sent into the Harvest.

Pray for our everyday missionaries to see that they too are "sent ones" into the harvest for multiplication of disciples.

Pray for more planters, accomplished by the previous request, and more funding for the works in process and the future.

Central District

Pray for Pastor Duane Manuel and Radiant Church in Fenton, Missouri. Pray for a growing awareness of this diverse church plant which worships in a high school theatre.

Pray for Pastor Jody Burkeen and Ignite Church in Eureka, Missouri. Praise God for new professions of faith in Christ over the past year. Pray for outreach to new residents in Eureka.

Pray that the Lord provides Church Planters for the rapidly growing cities in Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville) and Mid-Missouri (Columbia).

Pray for a Burmese Mizo speaking pastor for Columbia, Missouri.

Pray for a Latino church planter in St. Louis, Missouri.

Pray for a Chinese church plant in St. Louis, Missouri.

Pray for your church

We pray for unity in the offering of our prayers at 9:38 a.m. each day this week for churches to be multiplied.

We pray that God would raise up workers as we make disciples who make disciples.

We pray for workers who would be sent out into the harvest as church planters, core team members, prayer warriors and financial supporters.

You are invited to continue your involvement in the multiplying of churches and disciples in the following two ways:

  1. Register to receive a regular updates from our national team overseeing church multiplication for the EFCA.
  2. Set your phone or watch alarm this week so that every day at 9:38 a.m. you would stop and pray for the making of disciples and planting of churches in your community and around the world. As a reminder 9:38 stands for Matthew 9:38, which is the command to pray to the Lord of the Harvest.

After the service

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