Thousands across the nation prayed on Sunday, October 6, 2019, for new churches to reach new people; please join us in continued prayer.


The EFCA Church Multiplication Team, along with President Kevin Kompelien is thankful to all EFCA churches who prayed together on Sunday, October 6 and continue in prayer for the multiplication of churches.

On October 6, 2019, we celebrated our second annual Church Multiplication Sunday.

Thank you for joining us to ask the Lord for more prayer warriors (50,000), more givers, more multiplication team members and more church planters, all to see the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation." (Romans 15:20)

To view and download the Spanish version of the "Church Multiplication Sunday" video, click here.

Multiplication in the EFCA

Share these talking points in your service:

Our church is part of a larger association of churches called the Evangelical Free Church of America. The EFCA includes approximately 1,344 congregations with almost 400,000 attenders in the United States. In addition to this almost 600 missionaries in more than 44 countries, serve 847 people groups worldwide.

What unites us as a movement is a shared set of theological convictions and the following mission statement: The EFCA exists to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people.

Today we are joining with all other EFCA churches throughout the country for Church Multiplication Sunday, a time set aside to pray for the starting of new churches throughout our nation and world.

Media & Resources

Show the video on October 6 as part of the announcement and prayer time — full version (5:42).

This bulletin insert can be used on October 6 in services. It is formatted for a half sheet 8.5x11 insert.

Guided Prayer

Lead your congregation to continue to pray to the Lord for the multiplication of disciples and churches both locally and around the world.

Pray for your district

Allegheny District

  • Pray for Jeff Powell, our district superintendent of 17 years, who retires in February, 2020.
  • Pray God will provide a new district superintendent who is full of wisdom, vision and grace.
  • Pray that our district would experience a multiplication revival.

Eastern District

  • We have multiple plants in our pipeline that we need God’s provision, blessing and anointing upon!
  • Please pray for the new leadership team in the EDA and their vision for multiplication, healthy churches and healthy we know this produces more new churches.
  • Please pray for our district multiplication team that we would continue to foster a culture of multiplication in our churches and in our district.
  • Please pray for our upcoming church plant assessment in January in Staten Island.

Forest Lakes District

  • Pray that at least 20 churches sign up to become a "Multiplying Together Covenant" church. These churches will covenant together to have a plan for multiplying leaders, disciples and churches.
  • Pray for the multiplication of ethnic and multi-ethnic works in the FLD. We are at about 11% and would like to see that grow to 20% in the next 5 years.
  • Pray for the health and encouragement of our planters. Planting is a very difficult calling. Pray our churches and leaders would give time and energy to supporting our planters emotionally, spiritually and with other resources.

Great Lakes District

  • Prayer and Praise for our district's first Assessment Center Retreat on August 6-7.
  • Pray that the 6 candidates and spouses will receive the recommendations and counsel well and implement their personal growth plans.
  • Pray for our three most recent replants in the GLD:
    • Ben Sincock planting Grace Church in Schiller Park, IL; Michael Eckhardt in Peoria, IL; and Joel Badal planting in Ottawa, IL.
    • Pray for the formation of their missional teams, their evangelism efforts, and the building of multiplying culture.
  • Pray for our three church planting cohorts: Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis.
    • Pray for Mike, Norell, and Luis as they lead these teams and pray for the church planting residents and church planters who are being trained in these three cohorts.

Midwest District

  • Please pray for West Evangelical Free Church in Wichita, KS, who has a mission to plant churches in their county, they are making plans to launch a new church plant in 2020 or 2021.
  • Please pray for practical faith steps from churches in the Midwest District, who have expressed an interest in planting, but who have not yet taken action.
  • Please pray as the Midwest District considers hiring a part-time Church Multiplication director.

New England District

  • The soil is dry in New England. Pray that God would raise up 1-3 individuals who have a passion to plant and to see gospel transformation happen anywhere in New England.
  • Pray that as we address our lack of pipeline and planters at our district conference in October the New England churches will be engaged and convicted to raise up and partner with young new leaders who may arise.
  • Pray for the steadfastness of those who have planted in the last few years. That they will not be isolated in their current season and will experience peace as they continue to press into the difficulty of church planting.

North Central District

  • Pray for 4 rural church planters.
  • Pray for 3 - 4 multi-ethnic churches within the Twin Cities Beltway.
  • Pray for at least 5 churches to become intentional and strategic in reaching their region for Christ through new church plants.

Northern Mountain District

  • Pray for our church revitalization project in Sandpoint, ID and their pastor Casey Triplett.
  • Pray for our plans for a church planting bootcamp soon.
  • Pray for continued interest in our existing congregations to support our church planting fund, called “PIE” (Partners in Extension).

Northern Plains District

  • Pray for our NPD churches, they want to participate in starting churches in their communities and regions.
  • Pray for our churches to courageously see past the cultural blinders we tend to have in order to trust God for church planting in the NPD.
  • Pray for God to raise up church planters who desire to start new churches that reach new people.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in the formation of a Discipleship Collective that would focus on the multiplication of disciples, disciplemakers, small groups, ministries and churches.

Pacific Northwest

  • Pray for openness among our existing Free Churches to sending out a plant. Many churches have a hard time envisioning a church plant from among their own congregation and that is a hurdle that we would want to leap with them to see the kingdom grow.
  • Pray for the Northwest. This region is becoming more of a destination for people to move to. It is a location that is growing in popularity nationally and with that comes the desire for church planters to come in this direction. Pray that we would be able to help new planters enter into the culture with grace and humility and Spirit-led understanding.
  • Pray for Bruce Martin and Scott Lamb as we try to network with other districts and individuals who know what it takes to get a church planting network up and running. We need help!

Rocky Mountain District

  • Build and solidify our Church Planting Leadership Team, the new direction we are taking to give leadership to church planting in our District.
  • Building and solidifying our Church Planting Leadership Team, the new direction we are taking to give leadership to church planting in our District.
  • Pray for those who are rebuilding after trauma or crisis; pray for renewal and that fellowship with God and other believers will revive ministry.


  • Pray for 3 African men who desire to plant churches in the Southeast among refugees.
  • Pray for John & Jessica–they started a church in Naples! For their leadership team, the need for a worship leader, and to network with others to see more churches planted.
  • Pray for 14 church planters as they have begun the process of gathering people, making disciples and settling their families. Pray for emotional health and strength to follow their calling.


  • Within the last year, we approved 11 new church planters, which brings our District's total church plants to 18! Please pray for the emotional, physical and spiritual health of the pastors, their wives, and their families as they plan and prepare to start these churches to the glory of God!
  • The harvest is especially plentiful among ethnic minorities in the urban cities of Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. With God's favor, churches will be planted that are focused on reaching these specific groups: Ethiopian, Haitian, international Chinese students and suburban African-Americans. Pray for God's protection, discernment and wisdom in planting these churches in a culturally relevant way to draw people to Himself!
  • In light of Lifeway's Hispanic Church Planting Report, it is imperative for our established churches to start Hispanic congregations to reach the multiple generations of Latinos in our communities. Pray for English-speaking churches to embrace a vision for reaching Hispanics and Latinos for Jesus! And, pray for eyes and pocketbooks of individuals and churches to be open to this vision!


  • Kent Schlecht is gathering a core team in Bakersfield. Pray that he reaches many people and has a strong launch in 2020.
  • Steve Liebezeit and Joseph Brock are currently residents at Compass Church in Goodyear, AZ. They are planning a 2020 launch in the West Valley of Phoenix. Pray that they can gather a strong launch team and find the perfect target area and start strong!
  • Compass Church in Goodyear AZ, is gathering a team to launch a Spanish-speaking congregation. Pray that the Christian school next door allows them to rent their facility for the new congregation of what will be Compass Espanol.

Western District

  • Our San Francisco church plant, The Porch SF (Jon & Mellisa Brackett). Pray for:
    • Final negotiations with our SF Chinese EFC, which has a long history of planting (three in the city).
    • A partnership in using their facility.
    • Ministering directly to their English-speaking congregation.
  • Ongoing conversations about EFCA partnerships for multiplying urban gospel initiatives between representatives of the international, national, regional (district), and local levels to show promise for intentionality in San Francisco, and many cities across the USA.
  • Chris and Melisa Stambaugh were planting in the most extremely harsh, poverty-stricken section of Sacramento when they came to terms with their family's need to step away, rejuvenate, and re-evaluate their call and role. Pray for healing for what many of us have experienced–the sometimes high price of devotion and sacrifice in planting.

Central District

  • For Todd Brooks, our new Church Planting Leader serving Missouri and Arkansas region.
  • For a new Church Planting Leader to serve our Iowa and SE South Dakota region.
  • For our Church Planting Board as they take on many additional responsibilities during this time of many district staff transitions.

National Office

  • Praise God for the national team he continues to build for church multiplication.
  • Pray we would continue to grow in unity and support for one another.

All People Initiative

  • Pray for all districts where Hispanic churches are being planted and for Hispanic ministries started with the vision of "Cosecha" (Hispanic Church Planting Initiative).
  • Pray for the Hispanic church planters who are asking for wisdom and vision to consolidate those planting projects, and for the Hispanic directors in each district who are driving "Cosecha."
  • Pray for the churches raising and sending church planters and for the partner churches who are supporting the "Cosecha" church planting projects in those districts.
  • Pray for these new immigrant church plants: Theador Workneh in Atlanta, GA, Daniel Perez in Odessa, TX, Hernan Cancino in San Antonio, TX, Benyam Weldtensai in Flower Mound, TX, and Mauricio Trujillo in Freehold, NJ.
  • Pray for church planters working through Religious Worker Visa process to serve in EFCA churches.
  • Pray for the Hill Church, Roanoke VA. Charles and Tranay Wilson completing first-year church plant in a very racially divided city. So far the Lord has blessed them with new converts and connection. Pray for city unity and all revitalized churches to transform the city together.
  • Pray for the assessment, training and coaching of planters in the coming year. Pray for vision and discernment as we consider best how to raise up and recruit planters for new churches.

Pray for church multiplication

We pray for unity in offering up our prayers at 9:38 a.m. each day this week for churches to be multiplied.

We pray that God would raise up workers as we make disciples who make disciples.

We pray for workers to be sent out into the harvest as church planters, core team members, prayer warriors and financial supporters.

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