Union With Christ

Constantine Campbell recently transitioned from teaching at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia, to serve as Associate Professor of New Testament at TEDS. We are thankful he has joined the excellent teaching faculty at our EFCA seminary.

Campbell published an excellent book that received “The 2014 Christianity Today Book Awards” for Biblical Studies: Paul and Union with Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study. The truth of union with Christ is profound and profoundly rich as one ponders this truth for the life of the Christian and the Christian church.

During a recent interview Campbell was asked to “tweet your understanding of ‘union with Christ’ in Paul’s thought. Campbell wrote,

Union: spiritual, nuptial, mutual indwelling
Participation: sharing in the events of Christ’s narrative
Identification: belonging to the realm of Christ
Incorporation: built together into the body of Christ

It is helpful to have a profound truth stated so concisely. But it is important to remember that apart from writing a book consisting of 480 pages, I am quite sure he would not have been able to have done so. Often how well one knows the subject matter is reflective of how briefly it can be summarized. I am a grateful recipient of his monumental work.

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