Three Resolutions for Biblical Expositors

David Helm serves as lead pastor of Holy Trinity Church, Chicago, IL, director of their training center, and chairman of The Charles Simeon Trust. With the beginning of this new year, as an expositor of God’s Word he committed himself, by God’s grace, to three resolutions and resolves regarding his expositional preaching, to which he also challenged fellow expositors:

Resolved: To remain convinced that biblical exposition must be done.

Resolved: To find collegial relationships that will encourage me in the hard work of biblical exposition.

Resolved: To invest my time in ways that show me how to go about getting biblical exposition done.

Two application questions:

  1. Can you join Helm in praying for and working towards these resolutions?
  2. What are your commitments to be a better, more faithful expositor of God’s Word this year?

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