Theology Conference 2016 Resources: The Doctrine of the Church

Our 2016 Theology Conference focused on the important theme, The Doctrine of the Church: The Embodiment of the Gospel.

This theme was captured as follows: The heart of the doctrine of the church is the gospel. It is the gospel that creates the church. It is the church that proclaims and propagates the gospel. It is the church that embodies the gospel.

The Conference was excellent. Lectures were great. Discussion was stimulating. Worship was rich. Fellowship was sweet. This was the testimony from both the speakers and attendees. I give thanks to and praise the Lord!

We have posted recordings of all the plenary lectures, along with bibliographies and notes on our Theology Conference webpage. These messages (minus the notes and bibliographies) will also be posted on our new Theology Podcast webpage over the course of the next few weeks.

As a reminder, here are the messages:

  • Welcome and Framing the Issue, Greg Strand
  • What is a Church? A Biblical and Historical Overview, Timothy George
  • The Church: A Visible Community – Boundary Markers of the Community, Michael Lawrence
  • The Church: A New Kinship Community, Joe Hellerman
  • The Church: A Community that Transforms, Peter Cha
  • The Church: A Missional Community, Greg Waybright
  • Shepherding God’s Church: The Privilege of Being a Pastor, Bill Kynes

For those who attended, plan to listen again. For those who were unable to attend, please take the time to listen to these important and helpful messages. I would also encourage you to listen to these messages as an elder or leadership team. I will say a further word about that in my next post. Until then, being listening!

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