Theology and Doxology: Dance Partners

Gerrit Scott Dawson writes of the organic connection between “theology and doxology.”  One is foundational to the other, yet the other is grounded in the one. If theology does not lead to doxology, I am not convinced that theology is truly understood or embraced. If doxology is not grounded in theology, I am not convinced that it is a response that is reflective of true worship.

Dawson writes of their connection:

The knowledge of God and the praise of God, theology and doxology, belong together. They are dance partners in the fulfillment of our chief end: to glorify and enjoy God forever.

Theology that doesn’t make us sing has failed in its mission, no matter how correct it may be. Worship that doesn’t take us deeper into Christ has also failed, no matter how glorious the music or how applicable the sermon. Praising God properly means deepening our knowledge of this God we adore. Our hearts should be set aflame when we really explore how the Father sent His Son into the world to save us, and then joined us to that Savior by sending His Holy Spirit into our hearts. Great theology stirs the heart. Excellent worship grows our knowledge.

May we, by God's grace, engage in this wonderful dance now and forever.

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