Surviving and Thriving in a Cultural Crisis

The significant cultural changes we are presently experiencing are unprecedented for any living today. For example, the cultural sentiment is sympathetic to same-sex marriage and the laws of many States are following closely behind. The moral dominoes are falling, and the speed with which they are falling is increasing.

There is a call, a commitment and a cost to stand faithfully on the Word under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The day in which the culture was sympathetic towards and reflective of Christian truths is behind us. This is what it means that we live in an increasingly post-Christian day. What we as Evangelicals must not do is to whine, become alarmist or play a martyr (this is wrong on two accounts: it reflects a “poor me” attitude, and there are those believers in many parts of the world who are literally giving their lives for the sake of Christ and the gospel, which none here are called to do as of yet). Writes one, to the extent that we respond in any of these ways, “to that same extent we show we’ve embraced an unbiblical and nominal Christianity.”

Mark Dever has insightfully written “How to Survive a Cultural Crisis,” which consists of “seven principles for surviving the very real cultural shifts we’re presently enduring.” These are just the principles. Make sure you read the further elaborations of each of these principles.

  1. Remember that churches exist to work for supernatural change.
  2. Understand that persecution is normal.
  3. Eschew utopianism.
  4. Make use of our democratic stewardship.
  5. Trust the Lord, not human circumstances.
  6. Remember that everything we have is God's grace.
  7. Rest in the certainty of Christ's victory.

A few questions to process living faithfully in this present day:

  1. How are you processing this cultural change?
  2. What are you doing to prepare God’s people to live life faithfully in the midst of this change?
  3. Where are you most tempted to doubt . . . what are the truths you most need to hear?

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