Same-Sex Marriage - "Read the Fine Print"

Trevin Wax has written a perceptive piece about same-sex marriage in his article “Read the Fine Print Before Supporting ‘Marriage Equality’

Wax identifies three way that same-sex marriage is presented in the media to the public, the way in which it is advertised today:

1. Legalizing same-sex marriage will allow gay and lesbian couples to have the same hospital visitation rights, etc. as other married couples.

2. Legalizing same-sex marriage will put an end to discrimination by affording gay and lesbian couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.

3. Same-sex marriage won’t affect other types of marriages.

Wax then ponders this a bit more deeply and finds there are huge issues in the fine print that must not be swept under the rug, or treated as if they are unimportant. He points out a number of implications of what will happen if marriage is legally redefined.

1. When it comes to the family, there is no qualifiable difference between a mom and a dad.

2. Marriage will be based on the intensity of a couple’s emotional bond.

3. Disagreeing with same-sex marriage is a sign of bigotry and should not be tolerated.

4. Same-sex marriage will be taught as normal in all public schools. What is legalized is normalized.

5. Legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to the legalization of “marriage” in other cases.

Wax draws the following conclusions:

Considering the current flow of our society, the legalization of same-sex marriage seems inevitable.

Those of us who continue to advocate for the traditional definition of marriage are painted as mean-spirited and regressive.

Still, informed citizens ought to consider the implications of overhauling one definition of marriage and replacing it with another.

It may be that same-sex marriage will be legalized. But that does not mean this is a foregone conclusion, or that we ought to remain silent about the inevitable. We need to proceed based on biblical truth, with a divine design, i.e. God’s will and desire for marriage in mind, not simply to be content to remain passive and silent and allow decisions to be made by default. May the Lord give us wisdom, insight and courage as we do so!

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