Replacement Theology

How does the EFCA relate to replacement theology?

Because the EFCA premillennial position embraces the breadth of premillennialism, including the various understandings of it, there are some in the Free Church that would say those covenantal promises will be fulfilled with the nation of Israel (Dispensational Premillennialism), while others would claim that those promises have been fulfilled by Christ, are being fulfilled in the Church and will be fulfilled when Christ returns (Historic Premillennialism).  Both of these positions are acceptable within the EFCA, as is the more mediating position known as Progressive Dispensationalism.

Those in the EFCA who embrace an Historic Premillennial position would say that the promises have been fulfilled in Jesus, the church and the new heavens and new earth, thus affirming a fulfillment theology, not a replacement theology. The “replacement theology” expression is a term generally used by Dispensational Premillennialists against Historic Premillennialists and/or Amillennialists regarding their view of the nation of Israel. (It is important to acknowledge that historically there are some who affirm replacement theology who have no place or role for the nation of Israel.)

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