Remembering Carl F. H. Henry: A Centennial Celebration

This year marks the centennial of the birth of Carl F. H. Henry. Henry was an evangelical giant of last century. He served as an architect of modern day evangelicalism in the United States, was involved in the inception of Fuller Seminary, Christianity Today, and the Evangelical Theological Society. Henry was also a professor, friend, and supporter of TEDS. While at TEDS, I was privileged to have Dr. Henry as my Systematic Theology professor, one of the last classes he taught.

This centennial provides a wonderful opportunity to remember Carl Henry, the man and his ministry, and to rejoice in the God he loved and worshiped. It also provides an occasion to reflect on Henry’s work and to rekindle the enduring significance of his theological vision for the present and future of evangelical scholarship, continuing the spirit of philosophical, theological and social engagement that Henry lived and envisioned.

Trinity International University will be hosting one of these opportunities through a one-day Conference, sponsored by the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding: “Remembering Carl Henry: Evangelicalism Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

The Conference will be held on Friday, October 11, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  There will be six excellent lectures addressing different aspects of Carl Henry’s life and theology and the important things we can learn from him that will enable us to understand evangelicalism of yesterday and to strengthen it today.

Michael D. White, “Behold, the Lamb of God!” Carl F. H. Henry’s Christ-Centered Biblical Interpretation”

Jason Stanghelle, “God, History, and Authority? History and Revelation in the Thought of Carl F. H. Henry”

Keith Yandell, “On Not Confusing Incomprehensibility with Ineffability: Carl F. H. Henry On Literal Propositional Revelation”

Timothy Padgett, “Carl F. H. Henry, the Principled Patriot?”

Owen Strachan, “The Great University Crusade: Carl F. H. Henry’s Vision for Crusade University”

Gregory Thornbury, “Carl F. H. Henry and Cultural Change: Is ‘Transformatinalism’ Dead?”

The lectures will be followed by a banquet beginning at 6:00 PM: “Global Vision: Carl Henry, Evangelicalism, and Trinity’s Enduring Significance.” Guest speakers will be D.A. Carson and Gregory Thornbury.  This will prove a wonderful evening for the Trinity community and all interested persons to recall Carl Henry’s vision, celebrate his life and legacy, and rekindle his relationship to Trinity.

If you are interested in reading more of this, please see the Conference website.  If you are able to attend, you can register here.

I will be attending. I trust many of you will be able to be present as well!

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