Questions About Health Issues: A Survey

As a pastor or leader, we are specialized generalists. Our specialty focuses on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; our role as generalists means we apply this truth to every aspect of life.

One of the rapidly changing and progressively challenging areas in which we are asked to provide godly input and counsel is medical ethics: beginning of life issues, end of life issues and all of life issues in between. How do we think about all of these issues? More importantly, what does God say about these matters? And grounded in this, how do we provide teaching, input and counsel to others in the midst of needing to make decisions about these various moral matters?

Paige Cunningham, Executive Director of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity (CBHD), a Christian bioethics research center at Trinity International University, is conducting research on these matters through a survey. Cunningham states her goals as follows:

I want to learn more about pastors’ awareness of health issues that people in their congregation might face.  Many people make decisions about life, death, and healthcare, without realizing that moral issues are involved. Pastors often feel ill equipped to give guidance in this area, as I have found through numerous conversations and inquiries.

The end result of this doctoral research is to assess “pastor’s comfort level in counseling on bioethical issues” and to help “CBHD do a better job of connecting helpful resources with clergy need.”

The survey is conducted with anonymity and confidentiality will be protected. You can access it here: Clergy Awareness Survey. If you think it would be worthwhile for others to take the survey, please forward this link:

I encourage you to take 15 minutes to take the survey. The survey will close on Monday, July 14.

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