Preaching from the Pentateuch

Daniel Hyde recently published God in Our Midst: The Tabernacle and Our Relationship with God. This is a series of messages he preached through the book of Exodus focusing on the tabernacle and the important truth it communicates regarding our relationship with God.

Remaining in the Old Testament, but broadening his focus to the Pentateuch, Hyde helpfully lists “4 Reasons We Must Preach the Pentateuch.”

Hyde notes the following:

First, there is a great need for preaching the Pentateuch in our churches to give our people a well-rounded diet of the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27).

Second, we must preach the Pentateuch because these books are the foundational books for the rest of Scripture. The doctrines of creation, sin, redemption, covenant, election, and the moral law of God are all revealed here.

Third, we need to preach the Pentateuch because the stories within it are exciting, riveting, and heart-pounding. This is the backstory to the drama of Jesus.

Fourth, we need to preach the Pentateuch because our Lord taught His disciples that He is the sum and substance of these books (Luke 24:27, 44). He is the eternal Word who created in Genesis 1. He is the reality of circumcision given to Abraham in Genesis 17. He is the Lord of the covenant at Mount Sinai in Exodus 24. He is the rock that gave water to drink in Exodus 17 and the manna that was provided while Israel wandered the wilderness in Exodus 16.

This is a great reminder that as Christians we embrace two testaments, the Old and New, that make up one Bible, with Jesus Christ, “Israel’s promised Messiah” (EFCA Statement of Faith, Article 4, “Jesus Christ”), being the hermeneutical key!

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