A Prayer for Convictional, Compassionate and Collaborative Leaders

David Dockery, our Trinity International University president, preached this past Sunday at The Orchard, one of our local EFC churches. He preached from Titus 1:5-9 with the title “A Prayer for Convictional, Compassionate and Collaborative Leaders

Brief synopsis: In this careful exposition of the text, Dr. Dockery makes a case for how we can counter rampant "flexidoxy" (as opposed to orthodoxy). Churches need leaders who are above reproach in the home, in character, and in conduct (vv. 6-8). Churches supremely need leaders who are doctrinally orthodox  and who can both gather the sheep and drive away the wolves (v. 9). Trinity plays a crucial role in equipping a new generation of such leaders in partnership with vital local churches.

I encourage you to listen to this sermon. There are numerous encouragements . . .

  • You will be encouraged and challenged by the text of Scripture.
  • You will be encouraged to know that our TIU president upholds the inerrancy, authority and sufficiency of God’s Word.
  • You will be encouraged by his commitment to and modelling of the pastor-theologian from the pulpit.
  • You will be encouraged to hear of his commitment to the local church.
  • You will be encouraged to hear of his desire for TIU to equip this generation to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the local church grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dockery will be one of our preacher-teachers at next year’s Forum on Expository Preaching held in conjunction with EFCA One. He will be joined by Phil Ryken, another pastor-teacher. Our theme focuses on the role of pastor-teacher: “Preach Not Ourselves, But Preach As Ourselves.”

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