Muslim Insiders: An Evangelical Response

In today’s article, John J. Travis states that Evangelicals ought to be grateful for the work of God among Muslims who are part of Insider Movements: “Why Evangelicals Should Be Thankful for Muslim Insiders,” Christianity Today 57/1 (January/February 2013)

Travis points out a number of characteristics about these Muslims who are part of Insider Movements, which, he claims, ought to resonate with Evangelicals.

First, they accept Jesus as the Savior through whom their sins are forgiven.

Second, there is clear evidence of the work of the Spirit as they obey the Bible and grow in the lordship of Jesus.

Third, though they are not called Christians, they are spiritually and biblically part of the church universal put there by Christ because they are one in him. (Many I have met have deep friendships with Christians and often make statements such as, "Any person who truly follows Jesus is my brother or sister.")

Fourth, they affirm most aspects of their Muslim heritage, simply seeing it as their natural identity. Yet they clearly reform certain teachings and practices that are not in line with the New Testament. This makes them different from others around them, and many have already endured more suffering for the name of Jesus than most Western evangelicals will ever face.

As an Evangelical, of the evidences listed . . .

  • What resonates with you?
  • What do you affirm, and what ought to be cause for gratitude?
  • What questions do you have, and what concerns would you raise?

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