May You Have a Blessed August!

I will be taking a break, a “sabbatical” from blogging during the month of August. No one will be filling in for me and we will not be posting any top posts from the past. We will engage in the discipline of silence in that there will be no posts until I pick up the five-posts-per-week schedule again in September, after Labor Day. Please return at that time with me.

In the meantime, I encourage you to use the month to catch up on posts you were unable to read when they were posted.

Be assured that silence will not mean inactivity. I will continue to read, to learn, to think to ponder, to reflect, etc. I will simply not be sharing that publicly on the blog, along with the resources and ruminations, those “strands of thought” for the month.

May you have a blessed August in the Lord! Lord willing, we will see you in September!



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