Introduction of David Dockery, TIU Interim President

We are grateful to the Lord He has led David Dockery to the ministry of president of Trinity International University. It has been a joy to spend time with him the past few weeks as he has made this transition into the EFCA. I am very encouraged by his life and doctrine, his commitment to the church and the academy, and his living out the pastor-theologian model.

Bill Jones, chairman of the EFCA Board of Directors (BOD), released an official announcement today: “We are pleased to announce that both the EFCA Board of Directors and the Board of Regents of TIU have unanimously recommended Dr. David Dockery to serve as the president of TIU.”

Jones describes Dockery “as a humble and godly man, who has a passion for the ministry of the gospel in local churches in this country and around the world.” More specifically, Jones highlights that Dockery “wants to serve within the EFCA and to see Trinity continue to be a blessing to the broader Church.”

In conjunction with the announcement by the BOD a “video introduction of David Dockery” was released which consists of an interview conducted by Jones.

I encourage you to take 15 minutes to “meet” David Dockery. I believe what you hear in the video will accurately reflect what you read above.

Thank the Lord for this new season of ministry for David, TIU and the EFCA. And please pray for David and Lanese during these exciting days of transition.

*David is serving in an interim capacity until this summer when the EFCA Conference gives final approval to this appointment, as required by the EFCA bylaws

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