God's Sovereignty, Human Responsibility and Democracy

Today is the day after all the national elections. Some will be elated; others will be disappointed; yet others will be apathetic.

As Christians, how do we approach this? How should we understand this? How do we balance living life in this fallen world faithfully while knowing we are heavenly citizens (Phil. 3:20)? How do we live faithfully under an earthly president, all the while knowing we live joyfully under the sovereignty God?

At the end of the day, we must remember and submit to and trust in our good and sovereign God! Marvin Olasky (“Decision Time,” World 27/22 (November 3, 2012), 42-44) captured this reality well.

Sinful humans with all our quirks will decide who controls the White House and Congress. But under a sovereign God, the election is no crapshoot.

With fear and trembling we can report that all of them [those elected to serve in political office] depend on fallen and sinful individuals, with all the quirky reasoning at our command, marking ballots. The consolation in all this is not a little cross on paper but the wooden cross on a hill 2,000 years ago, and the knowledge that Christ died for us in our arrogance and folly and evil inclinations. Faith in democracy, the Founders, and even America itself is insufficient. We need faith in God.

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