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At our local EFC church we are using The Gospel Project material for our Sr. High Sunday School and our adult Christian Living Class (also known as Sunday School). This is an excellent curriculum and we have profited greatly from this biblical material, as affirmed by both teacher (me) and those participating.

The theme for Winter 2013-14 is “Making Your Case (Worldview and Apologetics).” In conjunction with the hard-copy material provided for teachers and participants, there is also a blog series providing additional material, A God Centered Worldview.

The theme and blog are explained in this way:

A Christian perspective of the world is vitally important for Christians and non-Christians alike. We need a Christian worldview so we will be grounded in the foundational beliefs that undergird our identity as Christ’s followers. We need to know what we believe and why we believe it’s true. Likewise, we need to understand and be equipped to respond to the big questions people have and to engage in the big debates of our society.

We hope to provide Students and Adults with a biblical perspective on our world. In the Winter study we will not only cover foundational concepts for a biblical worldview but also address some of the big questions skeptics (and some Christians!) have about our faith. Our prayer for the The Gospel Project is that our studies will make participants gospel grounded missionaries—firm in the faith and gracious in your witness.

In this blog the following authors will address various themes/truths/responses related to a defense of the Christian faith and upholding the Christian worldview.

  • Why is it important to have a Christian worldview? By David Dockery
  • How did we get the Bible and can we trust it? By Darrell Bock
  • What is unique about Christianity among the world religions? By Jonathan Dodson
  • What is the importance covenant marriage? By Tim Keller
  • Isn’t Christianity intolerant? By Paul Copan
  • What is our problem with hell? By Matt Capps
  • How should we treat challenges to the Christian faith? By Gary Habermas
  • Why is creation care important? By Russell Moore
  • If God is good, why is there suffering? By Jeremy Evans
  • What does the Bible say about abortion? By Nigel Cameron
  • Does life have meaning apart from God? By Andy Mclean
  • Why does the resurrection really matter? By N. T. Wright
  • What does the Bible teach about sex? By Clayton King
  • How does one develop a Christian mind? By J. P. Moreland
  • Is the unity of the Bible is evidence that it is God’s Word? By Adrian Rogers

If the first post by David Dockery on “Why is it important to have a Christian worldview?” is reflective of the rest of the series, it will be outstanding. I will post include a post on Dockery’s excellent article tomorrow.

Though this blog series is intended to supplement the material in The Gospel Project, it could serve as an excellent stand-alone reading assignment for “understanding a biblical worldview.” Read the material and I think you will agree!


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