Everyone Is A Theologian; Theological Study Is For Everyone

Jared Wilson makes a statement about “why theological study is for everyone.” He first addresses the reason why many don’t believe this is true: improper definition and understanding of theology. Many conclude it only refers to academics and the professional. What the average Christian (is there such a thing as an “average” Christian?) concludes is that theology and the study of theology is not for them.


In reality, since theology is the study of God, it is true that every Christian is a theologian.


Wilson lists three primary reasons why every Christian ought to be a theologian.


First, theological study of God is commanded. 


Second, the theological study of God is vital to salvation. 


Third, the study of God authenticates and fuels worship.


Do you agree? What might you add to the list? How do you teach this and equip others to be godly theologians?


Since as Christians we are theologians, what kind of theologian are we?

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