This year we celebrate the centennial of Carl F. H. Henry’s birth. We also reflect on the implications of his new birth and the significant way God used Henry in the broader movement known as Evangelicalism.

In a recent article in Trinity Magazine (Fall 2013), “The Legacy of Carl F. H. Henry: An Evangelical’s Evangelical,” Doug Sweeney, Professor and Chair of the Church History and History of Christian Thought Department at TEDS, elaborates on Henry’s commitment to evangelical identity writing,

Evangelicalism at its best has been intentionally collaborative, intentionally international, inter-ethnic, and interdenominational. We need to be fed by the deep waters of our own denominational, churchly, and confessional traditions, even as we agree to disagree on secondary matters for the sake of working together for the gospel.

I like Sweeney’s understanding/definition of Evangelicalism!

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