EFCA Theology Conference 2013 - Recordings and Notes

The Theology Conference on “Sex Matters: The Theology of Human Sexuality” was excellent! The speakers did a exceptional job, the interdisciplinary approach was very helpful for people, and the dialogue that happened during the panels among panelists and the questions asked by attendees, along with the discussion that happened among people between sessions was great.

There is a tremendous need and benefit to host a Theology Conference as we did, and those who attend gain immensely. We in the EFCA national office believe a Conference like this provides education, equipping and resources for those serving in the EFCA on the front-lines of local church ministry.

However, we realize that all are unable to attend because of limited time and budgets. Additionally, there are many excellent Conferences these days, our EFCA Theology Conference being one of those.

Bearing this in mind, we intend that the content of our Theology Conferences will have a longer shelf-life and be a greater resource to those beyond those in attendance so we record them. You can either go to the web page where all of the information about the Conference is located, or access each of the lectures and accompanying notes below. You will find these resources extremely helpful!

Greg Strand

Welcome and introduction to the conference (PDF)

Ben Mitchell

(Ben was unable to attend the conference because of a medical issue. His presentation was recorded via phone. His first session is being re-recorded and will be added at a later date.)

The Theology of Human Sexuality  (Audio)
The Theology of Human Sexuality Power Point
Human Sexuality - The Cultural and Ecclesiological Landscape (Session to be added soon)
Human Sexuality - The Cultural and Ecclesiological Landscape Power Point

Robert Gagnon

Jesus’ View of Marriage (Audio)
Notebook Outline of Jesus’ View of Marriage
Paul on Homosexual Practice (Audio)
Notebook Outline of Paul on Homosexual Practice
Analogies and Their (Mis)Use in the Same-Sex DebateBreakout Session (Audio)

Stan Jones

The Theology of Sexuality Applied: Teaching/Training of Youth in the Home and the Church (Audio)
The Theology of Sexuality Applied: Teaching/Training of Youth in the Home and the Church Power Point 
Science, Social Science and Sexual Orientation (Audio)
Science, Social Science and Sexual Orientation Power Point

Wesley Hill

Washed and Waiting: A Personal Testimony, Theological and Ecclesial Reflections (Audio)

Dan Beals

(Dan Beal was also not able to join the conference due to a medical emergency. His session is being re-recorded with improved audio.)

What Can Medical Science Tell Us About Sexual Orientation?


Panel #1 Ben Mitchell (via phone), Rob Gagnon, Wesley Hill, Stan Jones (Audio)
Questions considered during panel #1 Power Point

Panel #2  Ben Mitchell (via phone), Wesley Hill, Bill Taylor, Carson Greenhaw  (Audio)
Questions considered during panel #2 Power Point

Speaker Bibliography

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