EFCA One - Preaching Forum: "Preaching Laments and Imprecatory Psalms"

In the EFCA, we are people of the book, the Bible. This also means that we are people who are committed to preaching, teaching and living based on the Scriptures. One of the ways we teach, encourage and model this in the EFCA is through the Preaching Forums.

The goal of the Forum on Expository Preaching is to encourage and equip expository preachers in the EFCA who are God-centered, Christ-focused and Spirit-empowered, who are biblically faithful, theologically informed and pastorally sensitive, and who have a passion to proclaim God’s Word to God’s people with the goal of glorifying God, nurturing God’s people and building up the church of Jesus Christ.

Here is the pertinent information regarding our upcoming Preaching Forum.

EFCA Preaching Forum
“Preaching Laments and Imprecatory Psalms”
Dr. Dennis Magary and Dr. Greg Scharf
July 1, 2013

10:00-11:45 AM: “Going Negative – Preaching Laments and Imprecatory Psalms” (a teaching workshop)

1:30-3:00 PM: Sermon: A Psalm of Lament (preaching to model the teaching, followed by discussion and feedback)

We are excited to have Dennis Magary and Greg Scharf as our keynote teachers/preachers.

Dennis serves as an Associate Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, and he also serves as the Chair of the Old Testament and Semitic Languages Department. He has been at TEDS since 1979. Not only is Magary an excellent scholar, he is also a gifted preacher/expositor. He is a model of the theologian (academic)/pastor, one who teaches in academia, but who models that the end result of studying the text is to preach the Word of God to God’s people.

Greg serves as Professor of Pastoral Theology, and he also serves as the Chair of the Pastoral Theology Department. He served in pastoral ministry up until the time he transitioned to this role at TEDS in 1999. For all his years in the pastorate, Scharf modeled what it is to be a pastor/theologian. Though he was a godly undershepherd of God’s people, in the midst of his pastoral care he gave himself diligently to the study of the Scriptures so that he could faithfully feed the people of God from the pulpit. Greg was my mentor in that I served as a pastoral intern under him at the conclusion of my seminary days at TEDS.

Dennis and Greg will be co-teaching the Preaching Forum, an Old Testament professor and a Pastoral Theology professor, a teacher who preaches and a preacher who teaches, modeling for us what we aspire to be in the EFCA, pastor-theologians.

It would be great if you were able to join us for this excellent Preaching Forum in New Orleans!

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