EFCA One: Divorce Policy Exception Q and A

The “Proposed Replacement of the EFCA Policy on Divorce and Remarriage related to Ministerial Credentials by the Board of Ministerial Standing” (download here) is a decision before this summer’s Conference. Although the history of this policy is outlined in the document, here is a brief history of the presentation of this recommendation:

  • The DPE document was first posted this past January on the EFCA website in conjunction with the Theology Conference.
  • The document was presented and discussed at an evening session at the Theology Conference (January 29).
  • A reminder and request to disseminate the document throughout the districts was sent to District Superintendents in February. An email was included in this for anyone desirous to follow up with questions or comments (credentialing@efca.org).
  • The document was made available to be translated into Spanish in April (Español)

There is one more session scheduled to focus on this proposed replacement. Prior to the brief discussion and decision by the delegates during the Business Session on Thursday, June 18, there will be a time for Q and A on Tuesday, June 16 from 12:00-1:00 in The Edge (where the Forum on Expository Preaching is held).

If interested in this discussion, please pick up your lunch and join us. You can also communicate your questions, comments or concerns through credentialing@efca.org


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