EFCA Forum on Expository Preaching

Note: Monday, July 1, I will share following at the EFCA One pre-conference to introduce the EFCA Forum on Expository Preaching entitled, “Preaching Laments and Imprecatory Psalms” presented by Dr. Dennis Magary and Dr. Greg Scharf.

A Brief Word About History

The genesis for the Forum on Expository Preaching was a concern raised by a few pastors from the Central District that expository preaching was being laid aside for other kinds of preaching. Added to this concern were messages these men heard at a Conference by D. A. Carson entitled “The Primacy of Expository Preaching.” These matters were the foundation for establishing the Forum on Expository Preaching in 1996. A couple of years later, these pastors partnered with TEDS through Milo Lundell to make this a joint ministry.

This ministry partnership existed until 2011, when the ministry realigned its structure and slightly changed its focus. Today TEDS and the EFCA partner in this ministry, with Greg Scharf, Pastoral Theology Chair, and me, at the EFCA national office, providing the oversight and administration to it.

Updated Goal

“The goal of the Forum on Expository Preaching is to encourage and equip expository preachers in the EFCA who are God-centered, Christ-focused and Spirit-empowered, who are biblically faithful, theologically informed and pastorally sensitive, and who have a passion to proclaim God’s Word to God’s people with the goal of glorifying God, nurturing God’s people and building up the church of Jesus Christ.”

  1. Immediate Goal
    • Encourage and equip (teach and model)
    • expository preaching and expository preachers
  2. Trinitarian
    • God-centered
    • Christ-focused
    • Spirit-empowered
  3. Biblical, i.e., pastor-theologians
    • biblically faithful
    • theologically informed
    • pastorally sensitive
  4. Passion/Desire
    • proclaim God’s Word to God’s people (beginning with oneself)
  5. Ultimate Goal
    • glorify God
    • nurture God’s people
    • build up the church of Jesus Christ

Schedule and Topic

9:00-11:30 AM: A Teaching Workshop: “Going Negative – Preaching Laments and Imprecatory Psalms” (teaching in order to establish the foundation for preaching, followed by discussion and feedback)

1:00-3:00 PM: Sermon: A Psalm of Lament: Psalm 22 (preaching to model the teaching, followed by discussion and feedback)


Drs. Magary and Scharf will be co-teaching the Preaching Forum, an Old Testament professor and a Practical Theology professor, a teacher who preaches and a preacher who teaches, modeling for us what we aspire to be, pastor-theologians.

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