A Book Review Results in a Publisher Pulling the Book for a Second Edition

This is an interesting series of events, one that has led to a result that I have not seen previously.

Carl Trueman reviewed the book by G. R. Evans, The Roots of the Reformation: Tradition, Emergence, and Rupture (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2012). His review was appropriately critical in light of the many historical inaccuracies and some careless nuances of more complicated historical matters. Trueman concluded that though this book was intended to be used as a textbook, he could not recommend its use as a textbook. Read Trueman’s review.

It was a sufficient enough critique that IVP has pulled it from circulation, is in the process of updating the historical inaccuracies, and will publish it as a second edition this fall. Read the letter from IVP here.

Thabiti Anyabwile and Trueman have had a number of friendly exchanges over the past year about major conferences and celebrity pastors. When Anyabwile heard of this, he titles his post “That Makes Trueman (No First Name Needed) the Most Powerful Celebrity Pastor in the Western World” and refers to him as the “brother [who] has brought a heavyweight Evangelical publisher to their knees with an apology and a retraction of a new book on the Reformation.” He acknowledges it is in fun, but he does express gratitude for Trueman’s gifts and for the integrity and humility of IVP’s editors to make it right.

I confess that reading Trueman’s review makes one fearful about writing anything for public reading! Who has that kind of expertise in anything!

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