The Bible and Homosexuality

Wayne Grudem, former professor at TEDS and author of the excellent Systematic Theology, wrote the section on “Biblical Ethics: An Overview – Homosexuality” for the ESV Study Bible. This stand-alone, downloadable resource is an extremely helpful biblical and theological statement on homosexuality.

Grudem writes the article under the following themes:

  • God’s Original Design
  • Prohibited Sexual Relations
  • The Bible’s Solution regarding Homosexuality
  • Objections
  • Same-Sex Marriage?
  • Conclusion

Grudem’s conclusion:

Homosexual conduct of all kinds is consistently viewed as sin in the Bible, and recent reinterpretations of the Bible that have been raised as objections to that view do not give a satisfactory explanation of the words or the context of the relevant verses. Sexual intimacy is to be confined to marriage, and marriage is to be only between one man and one woman, following the pattern established by God in creation. The church should always act with love and compassion toward homosexuals, yet never affirm homosexual conduct as morally right. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers the “good news” of forgiveness of sins and real hope for a transformed life to homosexuals as well as to all sinners. 

This biblical and theological treatment is excellent so that you will get a good sense of the key teaching of the Bible on homosexuality. It is brief enough that you will be able to recommend the resource to others.

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