The Bible and the Historicity of Adam

The historicity of Adam and Eve is a critical matter in theology today. In January 2012, the pre-conference to our EFCA Theology Conference addressed this theme in the "Adam & Eve: The Bible, Historicity and Humanity" session.

Many other Evangelicals have and continue to address this important doctrine as well. In September 2012 The John Owen Center for Theological Study*, directed by Garry Williams and associated with London Theological Seminary, hosted the conference, “Adam in the Bible, the Church and the World.” It is explained in the following way:

Adam is under increasing fire not only from some scientists and moral critics of the Bible’s doctrine of original sin, but also from voices within the church. This poses unique challenges for pastors and preachers: how do we teach and preach Adam today? The conference looked at Adam from a number of angles and the speakers brought us faithful, theologically stretching, and applied material on this important topic.

Following are the links to recordings of the various message, which I commend to you:

Introduction:  Garry Williams

Session 1: David Green
Adam in the Old Testament

Session 2: Lane Tipton
Adam in the New Testament

Session 3: Lane Tipton
Adam and Christ in Systematic Theology

Session 4: Stephen Lloyd
‘Adam, Where art thou?’

Session 5: Garry Williams
Adam in the Covenant of Works

Session 6: Steve Jeffery
Original Sin: Unbiblical, Unjust and Unreasonable?

Session 7: Michael McClenahan
Preaching Adam to Adam’s Race

*The John Owen Centre, part of London Theological Seminary, aims to help pastors with the challenge of maintaining and progressing theological study in the midst of ministry. It was set up in 1999 by the Board of LTS to offer opportunities for pastors to continue their theological studies alongside their ministry. While the Centre offers study that is serious and unembarrassed about being stretching, the aim is not academic study as an end in itself. We believe that ongoing study will enrich the ministry of pastors among their people, thereby glorifying the Lord Jesus through the maturing of his church.

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