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A Pastor's Ministry During a Crisis

Four Scriptures to help pastors combat depression and burnout

The Long Road From Ministry Injury to Recovery (Part 3)

Helping family members in the healing process after ministry injury

The Long Road From Ministry Injury to Recovery (Part 2)

Embracing responsibility and forgiveness after injury within the church

The Long Road From Ministry Injury to Recovery (Part 1)

How God uses others to lead us toward spiritual healing

What Happens When You “Pray Without Ceasing”

How one church surrounds its leaders with constant prayer

A Pastor Plants a Vision, and Then a New Church

How one pastor’s tenacious vision produced a thriving church beyond his own

Giving Evangelism Its Proper Place

Re-emphasizing the message of first importance in our churches

Clarity About Compensation

Why we shouldn't be afraid to talk about money in interviews

Feed the Sheep That Come

Caring for the flock, no matter how small

I Was Forced to Take a Sabbatical

Why pastors need sabbaticals and what the Bible has to say