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Giving Evangelism Its Proper Place

Re-emphasizing the message of first importance in our churches

Clarity About Compensation

Why we shouldn't be afraid to talk about money in interviews

Feed the Sheep That Come

Caring for the flock, no matter how small

I Was Forced to Take a Sabbatical

Why pastors need sabbaticals and what the Bible has to say

And He Sent a Wolf

Growing in wisdom as the shepherd of a flock under attack

What’s Important Is That We Start Somewhere

Listen to Peter Cha on how churches can respond to the call for compassion and justice

How My Church Chose to Celebrate Life

National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 21

What Board Members Want From Their Pastor

Things we don’t talk about often enough

What Pastors Want From Their Elder Board

Ways to strengthen this pivotal relationship

Was I No Longer Fit to Be a Pastor?

I knew our lives would never be the same. I couldn’t have known they’d get better.