About EFCA Now

EFCA Now offers both proven practices and alternative perspectives for Christian faith and ministry from leaders in the Evangelical Free Church of America. For more stories that unpack the vision and theological depth of the movement, visit EFCA Today magazine.

Who produces EFCA Now?

Managing Editor: Chris Harrell
Editor: Diane J. McDougall
Book Review Coordinator: Matt Mitchell

May I forward a great article to a friend?

Of course! We’re glad you’re finding valuable material. Tell us why—we’d love to hear.

Does EFCA Now accept freelance articles?

EFCA Now does indeed accept freelance submissions. Please note our writing guidelines first, and follow the instructions there. Those guidelines also include information about book-review opportunities.

Do you have any publications that will help me learn more about the Evangelical Free Church of America?

We certainly do, and you can find them at NextStep Resources.

May I repurpose articles/photos/artwork that I find on the EFCA Now blog?

Many articles can be used for EFCA-related purposes but not for re-sale. To ensure that you are giving accurate credit to those who hold the rights to the artwork, photography and articles, please contact our editorial staff.

Why do legal notices matter?

We thought you’d never ask! (Actually, you may not have a question about legal notices, but if you’re just a curious sort of person and want to read ours, we’ve included them here…)

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