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Men In Black

 May. 21, 2015
With the recent civil unrest that has taken place in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, a lot of focus has been laid upon the urban black male. Take this little quiz to see how well you know what’s going on in the black male community. Answer either true or false: Overall there are more black […]
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EFCA One Deeper Learning Track: Faith at Work: Made to Flourish

 May. 21, 2015
Faith at Work: Made to Flourish Explanation Disciples of Jesus Christ have been and are being transformed as they live under the Lordship of Christ. These disciples proclaim the gospel with their lips and their lives. This training track will focus on the implications of worship and life specifically at the intersection of faith and […]
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Nepal Earthquake Response

Prayers and donations are needed for ReachGlobal's relief effort.

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